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Mike Beaty 

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The experiences of Mike Beaty are endless: model, actor, producer, manager, booking agent, agency director, and agency owner. Mike Beaty began in the modeling industry by modeling for Neiman Marcus in Dallas. He then went to New York, and it was there he trained and succeeded as a professional model. He landed bookings that took him to success nationally and internationally.

​Mike continued his career, but shifted his focus to television. He appeared in many television commercials and major T.V. shows. After many years in front of the camera, Mike moved behind the scenes. He opened Beaty Productions which specialized in television commercials and industrial films. Despite the success of the venture, an offer to become assistant to Betty Rasnic, president of the Modeling Association of America, lured him to Knoxville, Tennessee. In 1977, famed song artist Ronnie McDowell asked Beaty to become his road manager which entailed a move to Nashville. During Mike’s two year association with Ronnie, he accumulated a collection of gold and platinum records. In May of 1979, Mike found himself in Las Vegas as an assistant to June Joblonsky, booking entertainment for major hotels in the area.

Throughout his fascinating career Mike had held a goal of opening his own agency. His dream was fulfilled in January of 1981 and the Mike Beaty Agency became one of the top three model and talent agencies in Dallas in just three years. As a talent agent Mike helped such people as Lou Diamond Phillips and Kevin Sorbo with their careers while they were in Dallas. In April of 1986, Beaty joined his agency with Industry Dallas to create one of the leading print and broadcast agencies in the Southwest. In 1989, Industry Dallas became Elite Dallas where Mike was print director until leaving in January 1993. Mike joined the Southwest foremost full service agency, The Campbell Agency, as a consultant. In 1992, Mike Beaty founded the MB Expo, and later changed the name to The Model and Talent Expo presented by Mike Beaty. The Expo is one of the premier model and talent showcases in the nation. The success stories of people that are now enjoying great careers as a result of attending the Expo are too numerous to list.

Mike Beaty is truly a Icon in the Industry. He received the Industries highest honor by being inducted into the International Models Hall of Fame in 1985. His greatest desire has always been to give back to the Industry by helping people get the chance to showcase their talent to top people in the Industry, and that he does by giving people a chance to attend the Model and Talent Expo.

Mike Beaty 

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