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Submit digital photos 

Professional or Cell Phone

1 Head Shot - look directly forward at the camera 

1 Full Body Shot 

Use a plain background wall



Please email your photos and resume to:

It is not required that you have experience to apply. We provide training options for all levels of talent. If you do not have experience your resume can consist of a letter telling us about who you are and why you would like to be considered to join our agency. 


Details Coming Soon


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

Code of Conduct 

  • All payments are due the FIRST CLASS of the month 


  • All classes will start promptly as scheduled, therefore, it is important to be on time


  • No chewing gum allowed in class or the studio, or on stage 


  • No talking on cell phones or texting during class time, or phone will be taken up 


  • Classes will be based on the model's age and knowledge, however, there will be exceptions with my approval 


  • Misconduct will not be tolerated, any unbecoming conduct by model or parent, in class, or public display, depending on defense, may result in termination


  • I have not and will not engage in activities which, if disclosed to the public, would bring, or tend to bring, Zertuche Talent Agency, ridicule or contempt not limited to but, include any type of use of illegal drugs, or any other behavior or activity, professional or amateur nude or semi-nude dancing or modeling, any type of nude or semi-nude photographs or video-taping, or any other behavior involving moral turpitude. 

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